Updated August 21, 2008

Sammy in Orlando, FL 

adopted August, 2008




AIDEN... Adopted October 2006
Aiden might be a Kuvasz mix. For sure he is a Big White Puppy!

Aiden.... Adopted Summer 2007
Aiden might be a Kuvasz mix. For sure he is a Big White Puppy!

Kisha.... Owner decided to keep her Summer 2006

Petra.... Adopted Summer 2006
A young kuvasz mix (maybe) was found in Saugus, CA and turned over to Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control in Lancaster, CA on June 28, 2006. Her legs are badly wounded and the shelter was not treating her. On July 10 she was accepted into our rescue program. Picked up at the shelter and taken directly to our local vet, she was put on massive antibiotics prior to surgery on July 13 to try and close the wounds. She is currently being n nursed back to health and when healed be available for adoption.

Here is Petra's Photo Page

Thanks to these people who helped pay for Petra's surgery:
 Kathleen O'Reagan
 Deanna Johnson

 Holly Fiore

Petra has been adopted by her foster family. Here is a video of Petra playing in bed with her pack

Mathias.... Adopted August 2006
a 3 year old neutered male dumped by his owner at a high kill shelter in eastern Arizona. Shelter workers went above and beyond to place him in temporary foster care for a couple weeks until we could get him. Through the efforts of almost all the kuvasz folks in AZ (David Gallagher, Jason Genet, Carla & Ken Shugg, & Beth Hepnar), Mathias was transported to foster care and will soon be on the road again to his new home in Grand Junction CO.

Cheyenne.... April 2005
Cheyenne has finally accepted the house rules and will stay with her owners.

a 3-1/2 year old rescued Akbash thatwas rescuedas a puppyby an experienced kuvasz family as a playmate for their adult male kuvasz (also a rescue). Cheyenne has only tolerated Casper thru the years and has now decided she doesn't care if he has senority in the family, she is going to be top dog.

Dolly.... Adopted May 2005
a happy and energetic 2 year old who loves to fetch and play endless games of tug and chase. When her foster mom gets too tired to play anymore Dolly entertains herself by tossing toys up in the air and catching them again. She is a very smart girl who would figure out how to use a computer and order dog treats online given the chance. If anything of interest is laying on the ground near her dog run she will stick her front leg carefully through the chain link fence and try to reel the object in for closer examination. She enjoys mental andphysical stimulation.

Dollyhas done a great job overcoming her fear of men and she takes her job as a guard dog very serious. She is very observant and will alert her foster parents if anything appears strange and suspicious . However she is not an excessive barker. This girl thrives on human attention but does not consider cats part of her circle of friends. She gets along well with large male dogs. An owner with large breed dog experience is a must.

Shiloh.... Adopted by his foster family April 2004!
is a 1 1/2 year old Santa's Forest neutered male. His owner in Redway, California called rescue when she could no longer deal with his aggressive behavior. She said she was taking him to be destroyed the next day unless we would take him immediately! Shiloh's breeder Sally Furgeson wouldn't help.We told the owner to do the decent thing for her family's once beloved puppy. Please board him with the vet until we can get there. Michele and Edwin Hill drove 6 hours to pick him up and have been rehabing him for a couple weeks. He has displayed nothing more than typical adolescent kuvasz behaviors.  Thanks to everyone who has applied to adopt a kuvasz during thepast year, Shiloh will be going to his new home as soon as the Hills decide he is ready.

Isabelle.... Adopted December 2003
She is a real sweetie, very friendly with new people. She is a 7 ½ year old female, and has been in her current home all her life. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Her human has to move overseas, and must give her up for adoption, a difficult decision to say the least. Breeders Ilias and Kris Bakouros refuse to help.

Sebastian.... Adopted November 2003
was rescued by Helen Miller from a Texas shelter just before being destroyed. Helen found a great home for him in Houston and he is now helping a blind dog ! His new mom Marlene, reports that her old blind dog is using Sebastian as kind of a guide dog and is also playing with him, something she hasn't done in quite some time. In fact, the blind dog had been so down in the dumps, Marlene was afraid she might lose her. Now she has a new lease on life. Even her little dachshund has undergone a personality change and is having a lot of fun with Sebastian. 

Goliath.... Adopted October 2005
was in the Yolo CA kill shelter for some time and then moved to the no-kill San Francisco SPCA. He is approximately 6 years old, 120 lbs, and neutered. Because of his size, color and coat, we're guessing he's an Akbash mix, but that's just a guess!

Kuvasz Rescue bailed him out after a month in the SF SPCA and handed him over to Akbash Rescue to test is aptitude with livestock. Virginia reports, Goliath is wonderful and has shown guarding instincts towards people but is NOT appropriate for livestock. I believe he has been a city boy all of his life. He is good with cats when on a leash and he is housebroken. My 5 year old granddaughter came over and Goliath was in heaven. He was gentle and calm and just melted when Amanda started petting and hugging him. He craves human attention right now and will challenge other dogs when they get near "his people".


Sam.... Adopted July 2003
was relinquished to Animal Control in Rohnert Park, CA when his owner died in March. Sam spent his whole life in a small mobile home, or tied with a short rope. The shelter staff could not approach him. Sam's only hope of survival would be if breed rescue took him . After a week in foster care with Pam and John, Pam reports, "He's doing great! He is really skinny, so I am trying to fatten him up. He has learned to trust us and is very puppyish and affectionate. He is learning where his place is with the other dogs and is learning the 'ways of the pack' quickly -- really smart pup. 

Trouble.... Adopted June 2003
Bred by Wendy Banker (Sire is Windflower's Harpo Marx and Dam is Windflower's Betony), Texas Kuvasz Rescue saved this boy when the breeder refused to help. Helen Miller and Clare Braden worked day and night until a suitable home was found.

Sandy.... Adopted June 2003
Sandor was rescued from the San Gabriel shelter.  Background unknown. He has been in training  on a small horse ranch in Ramona CA, and is  well on his way to being a part-time working dog.  He is already a full time, loving companion!

Sassy.... Staying with her owner Summer 2003
Shirley in B.C. was in poor health and needed to find a good home for Sassy. Shirley is now feeling much better and is able to care for Sassy.  There's no place like home........

Maddy.... Adopted March 2003
While in foster care, Maddy was cleaned up, dematted, and had extensive vet care to clear up several problems including a yeast infection that caused a horrid odor that no kuvasz (or kuvasz owner) should ever have to live with!

Bear.... Adopted January! 2006
Thanks to Ivonne Lukaszczyk, Linda Boyles, Gary Eastman, and Vicki Primm for transporting Bear from Bakersfield to Reno to connect with his new parents. Of course it was love at first sight! Bear lounges on the floor with Sally, also recently rescued. Who says Kuvasz can't bond with a new family?

Stormie.... Adopted September 2002
.. after a year with a  foster family went to her new home near Seattle.

Aspen.... Adopted Summer 2002
was given up by her owners and fostered by their parents until she could be moved to her forever home in Central California. Her origin is unknown except for the information that they "bought her in Idaho".

Ruby.... Adopted May 2002

Samson.... Adopted November 2001
the two year old male left at the Pinole, CA shelter by his owner.


Jury.... Adopted September 2001


Attila.... Adopted June 2001
a 2-3 year old neutered male,  rescued from the Apple Valley California shelter.


Orion.... Adopted June 2001


Samson.... Adopted May 2001


Topaz.... Adopted January 2002

Wonder what rescuing a Kuvasz will mean to your family?
The warm fuzzies you get from these photos tell the entire story....

Wolf, after 2 months in a city shelter.

Wolf, after 2 months in a loving new home on a Morgan horse ranch in Colorado.